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My relationship is long-lasting and full of love

My relationship is long-lasting and full of love

My partner and I gain a new perspective on life by sharing our lives together. We share many interests and add vibrancy to our lives with our love.

I respect my partner’s individuality and boundaries. My partner does the same for me.

While we are similar in many ways, we are also different and separate human beings. We actively try to understand and support each other. We avoid trying to control the other.

Our communication is healthy, honest, and considerate. I feel comfortable in sharing my issues and concerns. We find common ground. Shame and blame are absent from our relationship.

Major decisions are made together as a team.

Our values align very closely. We have similar attitudes on the most important topics.
When we have differences, though, we spend the necessary time to reach an

We are able to let go of any resentment toward each other and move forward with our

I understand that relationships are about change and transition. The twists and
turns of life lead the way to the next adventure.

Today, I appreciate my relationship all the more. I make it a priority to do all I can to
strengthen it. My relationship is long-lasting and full of love.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What am I grateful for in my relationship?
2. How can I make my relationship even stronger?
3. What do I need from my partner that I am not receiving? What else can I do for
my partner?

*DISCLAIMER: This is general advice and not directed at any specific situation.



Susan Resnik is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified SYMBIS Facilitator who specializes in couple counseling. She’s been in the mental health counseling field for 25 years and has won multiple awards on her counseling excellence.

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