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I am free to create the reality I desire - Affirmation

I am free to create the reality I desire


I have all the choices I need to create the life I want. All of the possibilities are available to me. I am unlimited in the options I have at my fingertips. I am able to create and enjoy the reality I desire. 

I am unlimited. I am free from my past. I am free of limitations. I believe in myself. Whatever I create in my mind is within my power to bring into my life.

I have control over my beliefs, thoughts, and actions. I control all aspects of my being. With all of this control comes great power. I exercise this power over myself and over my life. I can manifest the life of my dreams.

I am a creative force. I am able to find solutions to any obstacles in my path. I can create anything if I am able to overcome all obstacles, and I can. Obstacles are little more than a mild annoyance to me. I can handle them all.

Each day brings me closer to the reality I desire. I am comfortable with the future I have in mind for myself.

I deserve to live the life I want.

Today, I am moving forward with my plans. I am free of hesitation. I have the power, ability, and the right to create the reality I desire.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How would I describe the life I want to live? What does it look like? Whom does it include?

2. What is stopping me from pursuing that life? What are my obstacles?

3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of that life?

*DISCLAIMER: This is general advice and not directed at any specific situation.



Susan Resnik is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified SYMBIS Facilitator who specializes in couple counseling. She’s been in the mental health counseling field for 25 years and has won multiple awards on her counseling excellence.

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