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The SYMBIS Assessment - Couple Counselor in Miami Beach, Florida.

As a certified SYMBIS facilitator, Susan uses the SYMBIS assessment to help couples address their relationship concerns and conflicts. SYMBIS is the world’s most practical pre-marriage assessment & marital assessment. Now you can build your marriage/relationship on more than a hope and a prayer.

Your journey to love and happiness begins by first taking the SYMBIS (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts) assessment which will let you gain insights into your differences, resolve potential problems and eliminate all uncertainties efficiently. You will benefit from this experience if you are seeking a deeper level of understanding about yourself and your partner.

The SYMBIS Assessment gives you a personalized roadmap to making your marriage/relationship everything it was meant to be. Preparing for a strong and passionate marriage/relationship is one of the most important things you will ever do. More than a million couples have used this award-winning tool, Save Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS). And now, the SYMBIS+ assessment is used for married couples.

Your couple counseling sessions will work in tandem with each page of your personalized SYMBIS Report.

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    The assessment covers the following topics but is not limited to:

    Reveals the overall health of a couple’s relationship. It shows how they are doing in a general sense, as well as on the most critical dimensions of marital readiness.

    Your view on marriage as an individual and how it affects your relationship.

    Is a measure of the psychological health for both individuals (plus any caution flags) as well as the emotional health of the relationship.

    Examines four aspects of each person’s social world: support of friends and family, relationship with in-laws, network of mutual friends, and social support from community.

    Being open to the possibility of an extended family. Being 100% ready to be committed again, without the “baggage” of unresolved issues from the past.

    Your personality VS. his/her personality. Analyzing your personalities individually and how you complement each other as a couple.

    Money talks, budgeting wisely, and who should spend on what. Having financial security and identifying spending habits are important because sometimes, money is the subject of conflict between couples.

    Your respective gender role expectations.

    You can take the assessment on any screen – laptop, tablet, or phone; and it only takes about 30 minutes. Then, let us work our magic. Just sit back and relax, while we put your results together and create a treasure-trove of new insights for your relationship.

    Once the assessment is complete, your customized report will be generated and you can schedule your couple counseling sessions on this website. Your happily-ever-after starts today!


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