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Are you experiencing a period of conflict, anger, mistrust, or communication breakdown in your relationship?

For many couples, it can be frightening to realize that the old ways of communicating are no longer working.

Such failure to communicate and resolve core issues can lead to loss of trust, feelings of resentment, repeated arguments, and loss of emotional and physical intimacy with your partner.

With Perfect Match Couple Counseling, Susan provides you an environment where communication is facilitated to help you and your partner express your needs and learn skills to resolve present and future conflicts.

Common Relationship Concerns

Susan guides you through and out of the common problem areas that lead to frustration, conflict, and bitterness between partners, such as:

  • Frequent arguments or repeated debates about the same issue.
  • Differences in sexual needs, lack of sexual connection, or other difficulties with sexual intimacy.
  • Lack of trust or jealousy.
  • Sexual/Emotional Infidelity.
  • A feeling of disconnectedness from one’s partner
  • Conflicts about children or family members.
  • Unfulfilled emotional needs, feeling hurt, angry, neglected, or disrespected.
  • Conflicts about financial or career matters.
  • Conflicts about gambling, addictions, or other behaviors.

Communication Skills

Does it ever feel like you and your partner keep misunderstanding each other? Your partner just doesn't seem to get you anymore?

Communication has several vital aspects, which are all the more pertinent to people whose lives are entwined with each other and who are in need of high levels of understanding. 

As part of our commitment to helping couples achieve lasting happiness and love, Perfect Match Couples Counseling can help address any communication deficiencies in your relationship.

In Perfect Match Couples Counseling, couples get customized exercises for their unique issues and dynamics. They learn that specific heartfelt messages not only preserve goodwill but improve interactions and intimacy. Couples are coached in the art of relational communication, thereby delivering messages calmly, slowly, truthfully, succinctly, and with care. 

Perfect Match Couples Counseling also supports effective communication by helping partners to cultivate self-awareness, authenticity, courage, diplomacy, emotional presence, self-disclosure, empathy, listening skills, tolerance of intense feelings and curiosity about impact.

Conflict Resolution

Do you find yourself having conflicts from facing the same fight over and over again but for different reasons?

Conflicts in your relationships aren’t bad. The lack of repair is quite often the problem.

Couples from all walks of life experience problems that can be solved using specific techniques. However, if you aren’t sure where to begin the process, the miscommunication can lead to a breakup or divorce. Reconciliation can help you weigh whether your relationship is healthy or not.

Perfect Match Couples Counseling, using research-proven methods, can assist you in making the transition from anger to understanding. 

  • You will be taught how to redirect conflict without emotional detouring.
  • You will learn how to effectively incorporate imagery and communication as the primary tools for exploration and resolution. 
  • You will learn skills that can allow you to unite when facing difficult situations,
  • You will be encouraged to work together rather than combat each other to overcome difficult issues that may, if left unaddressed, lead to anxiety, depression, or contempt.

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